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the American Dreamer -                    CitizenshipCity  
The Concept- Idea   -13 Aug. ’17     ---

What do most people want?
 ... to live in reasonable peace and comfort with their families. 
That requires, Food, Shelter - and Spirit. 
By Spirit, I mean, love, sex, creativity, some connection/understanding of their environment, and --- Hope.
This is basic to most of humanity. - perhaps to all Life.
God also gave us a counterbalance - a few people driven by Hate and Fear. 
     Why? I don't know. Perhaps to give us a dynamic, something to overcome.

Most of us had come to America with Hope, a Dream to build for ourselves that basic desire

- perhaps driven by the dynamic of oppression, what seems to be an unfortunate counterbalance. 
In the most basic way, the challenges of our time are much the same as your time, Now.

We faced the oppression of a mad King and an arrogant few in our time.
1776 we declared our independence from that oppression, and we fought a hard battle to win our Dream. 
With many struggles and by no means perfectly, we floundered and in 1791???, established our Constitution and the United States of America. 
Quite wonderful, really.
That Dream spread to other countries in many variations, and even to the England who had been troubling us so. 
But we did not solve all the issues in our time, nor was everything fixed in the following 200 plus years. 
Today, you have Terror - a War of violence and Hate - and a few obnoxious countries who instigate Hate. And I am saddened to think that the USA for which we fought so hard, might be one of those obnoxious countries - even if we do not wish to be.
But in your time, you can take action , as we did in our time.
We started small, very small indeed. But after time, hard, hard work... and Hope -
We were an example to the world in our time - even with the flaws of our time.
Citizenship City proposes to start small as well. 
We will work with the basics: an active and living demonstration of Hope - the American Dream. (pretty much a human Dream.)
... to live in reasonable peace and comfort with their families. 
offering: Food, Shelter - and Spirit. 
By Spirit, I mean, love, sex, creativity, some connection/understanding of their environment, and --- Hope.

We now find ourselves in a very odd sort of war. One side calls it a War on Terrorism, the other side says it is a war against Imperialists, invaders, Crusaders - to purify and convert to the One True Religion.
Wow. Haven't we heard that song before? 

It is, in fact, a war of ideas and ideals. And there lies a new urgency. C.City is designed to argue for and demonstrate peace and cooperation among disparate religions and ideologies.
Citizenship City is a community we can build with 3 to 5 disparate families - Muslim, Jewish, and Christian, at least - offering the means for them to build their own homes, gain skills that can allow them to prosper in their adopted lands.
This little community could be the model, the example of how many more and larger communities, towns, and cities could be build and revitalized.  --- the bigger example, later.

The Participants ought to be 2-5 small, distinctly different families. [2]   
My ideal start is a Native American veteran as a Mentor, Christian, who has good character, perhaps needs work or better work. He/she is already familiar with USA and its customs, but he also can use help to advance his family. I am aware that a number of Veterans have been to Muslim countries, some actually liking and working with the local people. Many have had some difficulty in returning to USA.  Native American is not necessary, but ironically and suitably adding the element of being and insider/outsider. 
Then Immigrants:
We definitely want a Follower of Islam. That's where the main war is now. 
We have managed to survive wars, in spite of the disasters they brought. But now we fear our neighbor, a stranger on the street, a religion in a distance place. Actually, all of this has happened before in history. Anarchists, you must have heard of, but the List is pretty amazing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_non-state_terrorist_incidents  and includes incidents in USA and "civilized" countries. It is not just Muslims and crazy people, both Jews and citizens of the Good Ol' USA have been terrorists.
Now our nation, and the world, have added factors that spread the troubles, better transportation, communication, the Internet, better weapons.

What do we do about it?
Can we do anything about it?          Need we

John Stuart Mill, in an address at the University of St. Andrew (1 February 1867) : Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. Similar ideas are also attributed to Edmund Burke (12 January 1729 – 9 July 1797)
We can give these disparate families a productive purpose together - for each to know, understand, and assist each other in the work of advancing their own and families lives

We will seek a Jew who has some difficulties integrating and might be willing to help and get help. While Jews often have established sources of assistance, they also know, very well, the sense of isolation and the desire to improve themselves. 
Preferably, each should have a small family of one or two children from 3 years to 10 years old.

A physical Community. The Charity rents, buys, or is given a bit of land – preferably with an existing building that is in poor shape.
Working with the premise that the best deal is a deal good for both parties, we desire a building in quite bad condition because, our Participants will need to learn, to work, and live – not in comfort, but in a practical functional facility so that they have the opportunity to strive and work together in order to improve their lives.
     This is NOT a gifting program. It is a project to give opportunity to advance and integrate.  
And while they build their home(s), they will be building a long term structure for the entity that has provided the land and building project. We are guessing a 15 year lease. It is the intention and expectation that this initial Community will move on to a larger community in the country of their choice in two to five years. (see Business Plan) The Donor/Lessor gets an improved site. But, they will leave with skills, language, education that will make them a benefit to themselves, and to the nation in which they have arrived.
Such a building – even tents to start,  in a reasonable setting – will give them the basic shelter – and project upon which to work, learn skills and cooperation. Food, shelter, procreation, are the basic ingredients to Life – add communication and Spirit (recognition of God, or soul, or Art – or whatever other magic ingredient one might want to call it, you have Humanity). This concept includes Art also. (see The Story).

In immediate practicalities, in the USA West, better for the founder, West Coast California and/or France or England. [3]
In the larger sense, in the Western world, where help and the customs and political environment of the Dream that the Participants seek is already established – and where the need exists.
Now – or as soon as possible – is when I’d like – but while we have over a million dollars available in our family for this project, my immediate source of funding for the lower end, is cutting costs and setting aside funds, and that is likely to take over a year. On the other hand,  we have an aircraft we could sell, and raise over a million dollars much more quickly while solving a tax issue.

We may be called “The Home of the Free and the Brave” but we are in fact, the home of the Hopeful Immigrant. It is the success of these immigrants that has given us whatever true glory we may have. - And a some shame for our failure to integrate with the original Native owners. Historically, for the most part, the immigrants were welcomed and worked very hard to find their places and Dreams.
But today we have:
1. A crisis of wars motivating more immigrants to leave home and Dream of something better.
2. A USA President who seems to preach hate and abuse more than Freedom and Hope – while finding minor fearful and abusive allies in other Western countries.
3. A need to take action to integrate the Hopeful and meet our highest aspirations – who we wish to be as a country – not who we fear.

USA ought to be a leader in integration, but France, Germany, their former foe, and many other countries are making us look like fearful fools. We should be leading and helping, both in our own country and the Western nations who are even more beset by this flood of emigrants. We intend to begin small, to test and prove our theory of integration, then extend and expand what we learn.How:  the Children will lead them.
Building our Community will build our Citizens – new and old. The Children will lead them. [4]   It is important to start with the right families with children who are open and wish to play – and learn. Finding the "right" Participants may be the most difficult part of the project. We are not looking for the most pitiful, but for those with the most potential to be open to and work hard with "Others". 
Building Shelter or re-building a home speaks emotionally to a basic need and instinct of Man. It also teaches practical commercial and legal skills – as well as social and cooperative interactions. Along with building one’s home, we are aiming for a bit of land that will give those inclined to agriculture some space and food.
Art: The Story  The third element to actions is the filming and Art of creating our story - PR, spreading the word.
We will only succeed in a small way, if we keep ourselves separate and hidden.
We are in a war of ideas. We must tell our Story - distribute our ideas. That is what the Terrorists are doing. We have a much better story. 

The Story we create will help perpetuate and recruit both Participants and Supporters for this venture. If others see us succeed integrating disparate Immigrants in a peaceful environment, they just might want to support us, send us more immigrants, give us more buildings to rebuild,
We also feel Art and the Spirit are beneficial to all of us… and as we tell our story, we do it with Art – and we learn Art.
These are the physical elements, of our plan. The other critical supports are 2 to 4 hours a day of education – learning the history and culture of the nation they hope to become a part of.
And finally, in my mind, a very important element is the Children. Children have a natural ability to learn language and culture. They are mostly likely to lead their parents. And the parents, seeking to help their children are much more likely to talk with and appreciate the other parents who are in their Community.

That's our plan in rough Overview.

What we give our Participants is housing, food, a job, an education in their new culture and in functional work elements: the many skills of building construction, some agriculture, business skills (see Business plan), skills with computers, design, and Art. - - - not so bad for a small project.
We are presently working on a Business Plan with specific estimates of Actions, Costs, Sources of Funding at each point, and rough Time-Line.

We can do something about this hatred and alienation.
We do not have to solve all the world's problems, to solve some of them.
We await your reply.  ask questions - criticize - help out.

the American Dreamer,
Frederick Kohler,
Best E-mail: talk@C-City.org
ALL Mail:
PO Box 69606, Los Angeles, CA, 90069 USA

To be man is, precisely, to be responsible.
It is to take pride in a victory won by one’s comrades.
It is to feel, when setting one’s stone, that one is contributing to the building of the world.
-Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Wind Sand and Stars