This may be the way you know me.

But I was not always an elder statesman - 
nor did I stand by myself. 
I chose my road, and if less traveled, 
I took to the Road with compatriots.

Under Construction !


This is just a holding page, while we work on the concept, but we can give you a DRAFT of the idea.

... and we are looking for Participants already.  

At this point, we are working to best explain the Concept.
Please let us know which of these Sites holds the best explanation - and how it can be improved:  -  ​  -

Please see Advert. below->

Please Criticize, comment, and question by E-mail:

Seeking: Motivated, intelligent researcher, Plan-builder, Leader.

Compensation: Minimum of $15.00/hour DOE  (salary depends on situation of the candidate) or flat fee for completion of project. ($3000-6,000, expect 1-2 months work) - and personal accomplishment.
In addition to pay, we can offer housing, food  -- and probably much more!

Full Time/Temporary position - may develop into Permanent position, that may be done on site, working with Participants - or - at home in Management, Planning position.

Job Summary - This is really two jobs. - Or one that graduates into the other. 
This position may work from home, or work out of library at a convenient location, with the consultation of our Director.  The primary duties of this position will be focused on research to develop the entire C.City (see below) program and Business plan.  The position requires the organization of current files, creative writing, and coordination with other Charities and schools to develop a uniform format, in preparation of opening our Web Site, Physical location, and inviting Participants, at a predetermined date.
Experience in Mid-East, very helpful, as would be experience with other Charities, NGOs, Grant writing, and sensibility of formal presentations.

Bigger job, long-term: Mentor
I am looking for a Native American to act as Mentor to our first Project group. He/she may be the same person as the Plan writier - or not. 
In an ideal world, I will work with a Native American - again, ideally, who is bright, has a young family, and wishes to improve his/her life and family - while helping others. 
... further ideal, he/she is a Veteran from Iraq, Afghanistan, (Muslim country) and open to integration of disparate groups. 

These are ideal hopes - we are open to all... but our hope is Native American Veteran as Mentor, because as groups go, this group has had it tough, and many have needs - as well as Veteran experience. 
The position requires the organization of ones mind and time... and ... willingness to learn, work hard to advance oneself. This project, though registered as a Charity, is not a gifting process. It is an offering of opportunity - opportunity to learn and work to help yourself while helping others.

What is C.City? - actually, the American Dreamer, Citizenship City. 
C.City- is a Charity project that comes from a mixture of ideas and my enduring belief in the grand purposes underlying the Unites States of America, the American Dream. That any individual with will and reasonable fortitude can improve his/her Life by learning, cooperation and work. - And I have to admit that this Dream is more human than "American", but American Dreamer  is a handy catch-phrase, and in spite of our faults, we have probably done the best job with it. Our main goal is to convert the war on immigrants to a productive transition to citizens who know and understand the underlying purpose of USA (or whatever country where this concept operates)  - and at the same time - to assist current Citizens, and those in development, to advance their lives.
The same general principle can be done in most Western countries. 
But while, we have worked with this concept in USA on a local basis, we now find ourselves in a very odd sort of war. One side calls it a War on Terrorism, the other side says it is a war against Imperialists, invaders, Crusaders - to purify and convert to the One True Religion. Wow. Haven't we heard that song before? 
It is, in fact, a war of ideas and ideals. And there lies a new urgency. C.City is designed to argue for and demonstrate peace and cooperation among disparate religions and ideologies.

A tough job. To understand the Who, What, When and Why please download: - Intro, 4 July ’17-E 

Your job will be to work with the originators of this Charity to detail the How. 
Our job is to design the Plan and answer as many questions as possible, before they come tumbling out of the blue. 

If you would like to join this venture, please send all relevant information - especially if you have worked with charities, NGOs, and/or written for Grants. Finally, ask questions, talk about the concept as it relates to you now, in the future, or past.

We await your reply.
the American Dreamer,
Frederick Kohler,
Best E-mail:
ALL Mail:
PO Box 69606, Los Angeles, CA, 90069 USA

To be man is, precisely, to be responsible.
It is to take pride in a victory won by one’s comrades.
It is to feel, when setting one’s stone, that one is contributing to the building of the world.
-Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Wind Sand and Stars